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Quality policy 

Quality policy adopted by the Managing Board is a key challenge for the whole team and it consists of the following objectives: 

  • The main objective is production and sell of products that are competitive on the market, of high quality, delivered on time and actively promoted; 
  • Quality of the products should develop in order to exceed the quaility of the competition's products;
  • Continuous changes and systematic improvement of staff's qualification, creating motivating conditions for cooperation and improvement of ones own work quality - these all factors should contribute to the increase in greater quality awarness; 
  • Providing proper organization of work and neccessary technical and economical tools should be aimed at continuous increase in process efficiency and quality of the products;
  • All taken actions should be targeted at customers' expectations and their satisfaction from the cooperation. Requirements and remarks (feedback) have to be fullfilled in a form of commitments and products conformity;
  • Each employee has to know their tasks in the acquired quality management system. Employees should be aware of the need of the customer in regard to the process they are responsible for. Procedures concerning both internal and external customers should be always the same;
  • Assurance of all processes realised in the company and continuous development translate into company's value. All employees, processes and products should subject to the continuous development process because the company is in the bussiness only when it develops and  improves; 
  • Each employee of Starpol is responsible for the quality of their work. 

Quality policy is transferred at all organization levels in a form of trainings and regular meeting with staff. Starpol Managing Board is obliged to ensure all necessary means to realise the objectives and it further requires all employees to apply the Quality Policy.  


President of the Board

Edward Płusa 

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